Why Choose Wood?

Wood is a natural product and has been used in building and construction for hundreds of years with a great deal of success. While timber windows, doors and other glazed elements may have suffered in the past, thanks to new materials, process and finishes we are now able to offer products with a far greater lifespan and with less ongoing maintenance.

We can offer both hardwoods and engineered timbers and provide practical and expert advice on which exact material to use, as we’re not limited to an overseas factory for their manufacture. Unfortunately in recent years, other joinery companies have moved their manufacturing facilities overseas into countries such as Poland, but we believe in supporting joinery expertise in the UK.

Given the global issue of de-forestation we also take great care in the sourcing of our timbers as it’s important for the future of our planet and as we continue the Carey & Fox legacy forward for future generations. Engineered timbers from Lignia are carefully sourced as are the mahogany and oak hardwoods we use elsewhere in our bespoke, hand crafted range of glazed products.

Carey & Fox lead the way in using the latest technology development in timber and as part of our commitment to the environment we are always searching for sustainable sources.  As early adopters of Accoya modified timber we have vast experience in using this type of timber to manufacture the full range of products we offer.

In addition to Accoya modified timber Carey & Fox are the first company in the UK to be manufacturing windows and doors from LigniaXD. LigniaXD timber windows offers a new level of performance and also aesthetics.

Contact 0333 323 9600 and ask for Jason to speak in depth abut the advantages of LigniaXD.

Our Brochure

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Authorised Retailer

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Our range offers period featured sliding sash windows, Stormproof casements and much more.


Our range includes entrance, stable, patio, bi-folding and French doors, each one hand made.


Our conservatories are completely hand built with a multitude of designs, features and finishes.

Orangeries & Lanterns

We’re experts in the design and manufacture of Orangeries, which already grace a number of impressive properties across the UK.

Extended Warranties

Our products are manufactured in the UK and therefore we are able to offer more robust warranties, than most of our peers.

Long-Lasting Timbers

Our wood is carefully sourced from a global network of experts including our exclusive arrangement for Lignia engineered timbers.