Stormproof Casement Windows

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The Carey and Fox range of stormproof casement windows is manufactured to work with traditional and new build applications. The stormproof casement design allows for the opener to sit proud of the frame giving greater relief to the overall aesthetics.

The design of the openers to overlap the frame assists in obtaining good compression on the gasket seals and providing for excellent weather tightness. As well as providing exception weather tightness the stormproof window incorporates the latest advancements in security and using a espagnolette locking system ensures high security at several points. To add to the security the hinges systems adopted are concealed and away from external attack.

As with all Totali timber windows they are available in any colour you require and offer outstanding durability. The latest paint advancements allow for extended durability statements offering up to 10 years on paint finishes and 6 years on timber stain finishes.