Product Specifications

Quality Standards and Environment

Quality management systems, processes and procedures have been developed to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, with product consistency, safety and the environment in consideration.

With the manufacturing facility located at our head office in Yorksshire, we have greater control on all production aspects and we are better able to respond to the needs of our clients. Everything from the glues we use to the timbers sourced carry the necessary standards, as does the ironmongery and locking systems we specifiy. All products are also manufactured in accordance with the latest Building Regulations for England and Wales, and also Scotland too.


While our timber products have many traditional design elements from yesteryear, the glass we specify doesn’t. We can incorporate single, double and sometimes triple glazing into our products and even offer easy clean coatings on our roof glass.

Energy efficiency is paramount and we can offer the latest low U-value glass units, along with specialist roof glass which keeps the warmth in during the winter months and keeps the heat out during the summer. Thanks to our network of suppliers we are able to offer the very latest in glass developments, along with leaded and coloured lights for individual projects.

Our Brochure

Download our beautiful and exclusive 32 page brochure to find out why our UK manufactured products are regarded so highly.

Authorised Retailer

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Extended Warranties

Our products are manufactured in the UK and therefore we are able to offer more robust warranties.

Long-Lasting Timbers

Our timbers are carefully sourced from a global network of experts including our exclusive arrangement with Lignia.